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About Michigan Democrats for Life

Contact Information

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Our Purpose

The purpose of Michigan Democrats for Life (MDFL) is to promote a consistent life ethic in the public square. MDFL will identify objectives and positions and employ strategies in furtherance of this purpose.

A "consistent life ethic" addresses issues of human life and dignity in a consistent way from conception to natural death, regardless of stage or state of life. Respect for the lives of unborn children is an integral part of the consistent life ethic, but there are other important areas where human life and dignity are also at risk. Elements of a consistent life ethic include such things as:

  • bringing children and families out of poverty;
  • protecting the lives and dignity of both mothers and their unborn children;
  • empowering women to choose alternatives to abortion;
  • avoiding overuse of the criminal-justice system as well as excessive penalties that lead to mass incarceration for relatively minor non-violent offenses;
  • ensuring healthcare for all;
  • opposing all forms of oppression and systemic racism;
  • treating refugees, immigrants, and other vulnerable populations with dignity and respect;
  • prioritizing the protection of life and health in environmental policies and other governmental policies; and
  • opposing capital punishment, euthanasia and other policies that disrespect human life and dignity.