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Prop 3: Freedom over Responsibility

  • Bob Synk

We learned from the Spiderman movies that "with great power comes great responsibility." We all have a great power - the power of human reproduction. Either the writers of Prop 3 have never seen Spiderman or they just don't believe in responsibility.

They have written it to create a "fundamental right" for reproduction. They seem to want reproduction and abortion with absolutely no restrictions but they are afraid to come out and say so plainly. They include sneaky language to enable the courts to expand abortion rights far beyond what the Supreme Court required.

If someone is going to get an abortion, should they be responsible for paying for it themselves? Not likely. Prop 3 includes the kind of language that courts have used to force taxpayer funding of elective abortions. If this amendment passes, Michigan will be in the same situation as 7 other states which had prohibitions against public funding. Those statutes were overturned in 6 states. Odds are that our taxes will be flowing to the abortion industry.

Should teens be responsible to their parents? Probably not. Prop 3 gives the right to "every individual." Teens are individuals, aren't they? So they would be able to get abortions without their parents' knowledge.

If someone is going to get an abortion, should they be responsible to do it early in pregnancy? Less so under Prop 3 than under Roe. It redefines viability so it comes much later in the pregnancy than in the way the Supreme Court defined it. So abortions for any reason will be available much later in pregnancy.

Will the abortionist be held responsible for violating health regulations? Very possibly not. Language in Prop 3 would make it difficult to prosecute anyone providing abortions.

Will judges be responsible for interpreting Michigan's constitution accurately? The language in Prop 3 is open to such widely different interpretations that it is practically a Rorschach test. Judges will be able to rule any way they want.

There is no responsibility in Prop 3. Do we want the State of Michigan to authorize people to reproduce willy-nilly with no thought of the consequences, only to kill their offspring through abortion? Certainly society has the right and duty to expect, empower and encourage people to act responsibly. During the years of Roe v. Wade Michigan enacted several statutes to encourage responsible behavior. All of these laws will be in jeopardy if Prop 3 passes.

Michigan Democrats for Life is part of a coalition working to defeat Prop 3. We need your help. Please visit

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